How to search domain name fast

Looking for a way to search domain name fast , you're at the right place , No Sign up required. Everyone want their business to go online , to do so we need a website for our users and customers to visit our online presence. To build a website , we need a domain name & domain names get purchased really quickly. So in this post I will tell you how to search domain name fast and simple.

Here's what you have to do :

Go to Domain Search Tool

Our website has an online fast domain search tool you can access it for free , now to search for a domain name you have to enter a domain name keyword of your choice , lets say you enter the keyword "cakes and muffins". After entering the keyword , click on search as shown in the image.

fast domain search

There are many different domain extensions to choose from, if you want a .com .co .us .uk .org .net .xyz we got it all. You name it we have it. After selecting the domain name of your choice you can proceed to check out with the best domain name registrar.

You can get a .com domain name extension for just less than $11 a year. Isn't that amazing ?

What if I don't have a domain name for a website ?

Now what if you don't have a domain name in your mind, Don't worry we got you. We also have an amazing free domain generator tool in which you can type in keyword based on your niche of business and get instant results on the go. Here's an example :


We typed in a keyword cakes and muffins in the fast domain generator and clicked on generate & you'll be shocked to see the results it gave us with great domain name suggestions in just seconds after we clicked on the generate button.


It produced results instantly with many different extensions and word combinations related to your keyword to get you the best ideas to choose from , or you can try again with different keyword.

You can use this tool as many times as you like , You don't need to create an account with us , no sign up etc. We only earn a small commission if you buy domain names from us which keeps the server of this website running. Do consider purchasing from our affiliate links to help us stay on the web.

Alternatives of GoDaddy & Domain search tools

Alternatives of Godaddy and domain search tools which are completely free to use and fast are mentioned below :

  1. Fast Domainer
  2. Domainr
  3. Domain Wheel
  4. Instant Domain Search

These are some free great alternatives of GoDaddy that you can checkout to check for domain name suggestions and avilability. Either you use our free service or you choose other alternatives but I want you start and take a step towards to get your business online.

If you are confused and still have any doubt on domain names , I have created a guide on How to buy a domain name for website , make sure to have a look. I am pretty sure that after reading that post , most of your confusion will fade away & you'll be able to act quickly , search your domain name fast and build your online business.