How to Buy a Domain name for Website

In this small guide , you will get a better understanding on how to buy a domain name for website or business. 

As the world is getting connected more through the internet, Registration of a custom and unique domain name is easy and affordable. Let us understand , what is a domain and what are the basics of purchasing a domain name.

What is a Domain Name ?

A domain name is the address that can be typed into the web browser which are readable by human beings.In short , domain name is an alias for IP Address. The DNS System translates IP addresses to understandable words for us humans.

A website has an IP Address like 192.123.456 , you can understand about this by using our free WHOIS tool 

If you want to buy a domain name , you have to get it from a registrar approved by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) It is a non-profit organization that manages the complete domain system on the internet.

Who is a Domain Registrar ?

A domain registrar is an organization that allows you to reserve and register a domain name for yourself. Buying a domain name from an ICANN approved registrar is better than looking for free domain names that are sketchy.

Now, let us look at somemajor types of domains that are present on the internet.

Major Types of domains on Web

There are majorly three types of domains on the internet & I guess you know most of them mentioned below ,

1. Generic Domains :  

Generic domains are the ones with .com , .net , .org and more extensions. These are the most common domain name extensions used worldwide. You can use these domain names for any purpose or work.

2. Country Domains :

Country Domain names are the ones with .us .uk .au & so on. These domain names are used to target a specific country and it helps to build a good image within the people of the country and builds more trust.

3. New Domains :

These are the latest trendy domain name extensions like .xyz , .club , .ai , .io and many more. These domains can also used for any purpose but the only thing different is their extensions.

Now , let us look at some points to consider before buying a domain name for website.

Factors to Consider before buying a domain name for Website

1. A Relevant Keyword in the domain name

Before brainstorming the ideas of your domain names , consider adding a relevant keyword into your domain name that resembles your business. For example if you want to open an online cake shop and you want to open it in your name Wini , so you might be thinking of getting but it does not resembles your business. So instead , you can go with or , in which cake-shop and cakes are keywords that is connected to your business. This will help the audience to get a better understanding about your business and the website and the chances of them buying from you will increase.

2. Target Audience

Think about your target audience , if you are a normal online store you can go with .com domain , but if you are into artificial intelligence , then you should pick .ai so that your audience understands that what is the website all about.

3. Avoid Numbers & Hyphens in your Domain

Avoid adding numbers and hyphens in your domain name as much as possible , if your domain name is not available then you should try adding prefix or suffix of words rather than adding hyphens and numbers which might hurt your rankings as well.

Numbers are confusing , so avoid them. If you still want numbers in your domain name , add it at the last or just at the beginning of your domain name. Do not add numbers in between your domain name. For example  can still work but is a bad choice for a domain name.

How to buy a domain name ?

The first thing you need to do is to check the availability of a domain name for your website , for that you can use our free domain checker tool , if the domain is available to you then you can proceed further and buy your first domain name. 



But if unfortunately , your desired domain name is not available then you can try the suggestions given by the tool , if you like any one of them. Then the checkout process is so simple and hassle free.

Enter your Keyword

Let's say your business name is Aptech technologies , you type  it into the search bar and click search 


As you can see , we have our domain name available but it has a hyphen between our two keywords and as mentioned above , we should avoid having hyphens and numbers in our domain name , so let's see if we have available or not.


Unfortunately , our domain name is not available but there are plenty of new suggestions given by our free tool that you can choose from , there are many domain domain extensions available for your domain name.

So using free tools like this can help you get your favourite domain names fast and hassle free. If you do not have a domain name in your mind , using our domain generator tool can help you with this case. I have written a guide on how to search domain name fast from where you can see how to select and search for your domain name faster and act quickly before someone else grabs it and runs away.

Hope you enjoyed reading this guide. If you did , do share it with your friends and family members who are looking to build a website or a business online.